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John Keoni Kai

10120 S Eastern Ave Suite 300
Henderson, NV 89052
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10120 S Eastern Ave Suite 300, Henderson, NV 89052


As you can probably tell, I'm a transplanted Hawaiian and have made my way to the "9th Island".  After spending most of my life on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii, I am loving the change and this new life in a very big city with very bright lights!  Las Vegas is simply amazing and filled with great people, sunny days, a ton of things to do, great places to eat and spectacular opportunities!  I'm excited to be here now as Las Vegas quickly transforms into a major city with so much to offer.   As my best friend kept telling me in his efforts to get me to move off the rock - Las Vegas is more than the Strip.  He is 100% absolutely correct and I want to do my part to spread that message!

I spent the past 25 years of my life as a small business owner and bring to my clients a unique background steeped in finance and investment analysis.  Personally, my best investments have always been real estate based.  It is my goal to do my very best to help both investors and home buyers find the perfect property that will not only hold it's value but quite possibly increase in value given the right market conditions.  

For so many people, a home purchase represents the largest single investment you could make.  But it's way more than an investment.  It is your home and your heart.  It is where you will raise your family and welcome in friends.  Your home represents pride of ownership and a reward for your success and efforts.  Let me help your family find that perfect property and you can make it a home!


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