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Don't Wait for a Slower Market to List Your Home

Posted: November 22, 2019 by Tamara Foote

What does The Holidays are No Holiday at Coldwell Banker Premier Realty mean? It doesn’t mean that we don’t love the holidays (because we do)! What it does mean is that we understand when a seller lists their house in November or December, it is more likely to sell than if they wait to list it after the new year.

How do we know this? We’ve been analyzing Las Vegas housing trends for over 20 years and each year, sales in November and December exceed the pace of January and February. Yet, significantly more homes are listed in January and February, making them the two most competitive months of the year. See below for a snapshot into our study with a look at 2018 numbers and a 10-year comparison.

10-Year Comparison

24% more homes have historically sold in December than in January and 32% more homes were listed in January than in December. 

Out of the 61,294 homes listed in November and December, 53,422 of them sold. Compare that to the 74,187 listed
in January and February, of which 46,103 were sold.

Listings vs. Sales in 2018/19

18% more homes sold in December 2018 than in January 2019 and 61% more homes were listed in January than in December.

Out of the 5,737 homes listed in November & December 4,446 of them sold. Compare that to the 7,389 listed in
January and February, of which 3,799 were sold.

Waiting to list your home would be waiting for a slower market. Here are the top three reasons to list your home before the new year.


To discover more reasons to list our home before the new year or to receive a copy of the full report, contact the Coldwell Banker Premier Realty sales professional responsible for sharing this blog post with you.

Happy Holidays, 
Coldwell Banker Premier Realty

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