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How to Attract Long-Term Tenants Into Your Rental

Posted: January 14, 2020 by Tamara Foote

At Coldwell Banker Premier Realty Property Management, we can assist you with finding both short-term and long-term tenants depending on your situation. If your goal of being a property owner is to receive a passive income, we can help you attract these long-term tenants. Once you have the perfect tenant, how do you encourage them to stay? Besides the services provided by our team, following these guidelines will help ensure your favorite tenants always renew their lease.


  1. Be flexible
    Your tenant will be more likely to stay if they can make your house feel more like a home. You might consider letting your tenants decorate to their own tastes by changing wall colors or adding specialty lighting. 

  2. Honor maintenance requests 
    If you have ever been a tenant, you know how frustrating it is to have maintenance requests go unaddressed. By conducting routine maintenance checkups (we do this for you!), it shows you care about providing a nice place for your tenants to live. If you wanted to go the extra mile, consider providing an annual carpet cleaning. Your tenants will greatly appreciate this and remember the gesture when it’s time to renew the lease.

  3. Make your rentals pet-friendly
    Tenants tend to stay loyal to a property that allows pets. The availability and quality of pet-friendly properties vary, which leads tenants wanting to keep their current rentals. Even if you didn’t allow pets in the past, changing pet regulations may change your tenant's mind from moving if they want to adopt a pet in the future. 

  4. Be a good landlord
    Don’t underestimate the power of being kind to your tenants. Make sure they feel welcome when moving in and continue that good impression throughout their tenancy. When you have a good relationship with your tenant, they will respect you, your property and impact their decision to stay.

  5. Respect their privacy
    If the tenant has given no reason to suspect a problem, give them plenty of notice if you want to do an inspection. It can feel intrusive or suspect if you randomly surprise them for inspections without any clear cause.


Whether you need assistance finding a short-term tenant for your property or are looking for a tenant to stay for the long haul, we would love to help you. We offer series from tenant placement to full property management. For further information, give us a call at 702.538.7500 or email us at



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