Property Owner's FAQs

How do I know if property management is for me?Do you want your time back?  Do you want to have someone taking on the burden of daily management?  Do you want to avoid the uncomfortable conversations between Landlord and Tenant? Do you understand the legalities of being a Landlord? Are you ready to have your life backā€¦then yes!  

How do I create a renter-ready property?
Ensure your property is clean both inside and out. Landscaping, painting, window treatments, and overall maintenance should be done. We are happy to provide you with a rent-ready checklist. Remember, the condition of your home has a very direct correlation to how much we can rent the home for and how quickly it can be rented!

Who is moving in and do I help decide?
With the exception of decisions that would affect your home directly (ie. dogs, smokers) you are not included in the decision. This helps ensure your home is rented quickly and helps our system run as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. While you can control some stipulations, know that Nevada and Federal law forbids any renter discrimination due to race, gender, disability, and age. If you feel uneasy with this little control over renters, keep in mind CBPR screens potential renters and conducts a background check.

How long will it take to rent my property?
Once you have contracted us to manage your property, we will create a file for your property and add it to our list of available properties.  The property will be included in our EVERY DAY UNTIL ITS LEASED MARKETING PROGRAM. We will perform a market analysis of your property to determine the most probable rent price and how long you can expect it will take the property to rent. The time of year, location and condition of the property are factors on how long it takes your property to rent. 

How do you decide the rent per month on my property?
We will perform a market analysis to determine the most probable rent price.  This can be based on current market conditions, the condition of your home, locations and the current vacancy rate. Together we will be sure to set a rate that gets your home leased as quickly as possible and for high as possible!

Will you allow tenants to have pets in our property?
According to a recent national survey nearly 70% of all renters have a pet.  While we do leave that decision to you, prohibiting pets can impact the number of available tenants who could potentially rent your property.  Should you wish to allow pets, we will collect a separate Pet Deposit from the Security Deposit.

Do you use a lease that will protect my property?
Yes, our lease is derived from the Greater Association of REALTORSĀ® and is all an encompassing lease that protects your circumstances such as access to the property, tenant insurance requirements, maintenance issues and much more.  This lease has your best interest protected!

How often do you inspect the property?

  • Property Mangement Signing- We perform a rent-ready inspection to ensure the property is in optimal condition for marketing.
  • Move-in Inspection-  We perform an in-person inspection with the tenant documenting the condition of the property at the time the tenant is taking possession. 
  • Interim inspection at about 6 months- We perform a semi-annual inspection documenting the condition of the property, as well as notating for the owner any recommend repairs or items that will require attention in the future. 
  • Move-out inspection - We perform a move-out inspection notating the condition of the property upon the tenant vacating the property. This report is used to compare with the move-in inspection to determine the security deposit release.
  • Upon request- We will perform inspections should we find it necessary to address any HOA violations or complaints.

What about emergencies?

We want our tenants to call us in the event of a repair emergency. We maintain a 24/7 emergency phone line so we can quickly minimize damage. 

How hard can this really be?

While you certainly can do this yourself, consider the benefits of utilizing Coldwell Banker Premier Realty Property Management-

  • Our advertising abilities and resources allow us to rent your property quickly.
  • We handle maintenance issues and coordinate necessary repairs. 
  • We collect rents and will take the necessary steps if rents are not paid.
  • We handle all HOA violations and issues.
  • We stay up-to-date on property management laws to make sure we keep you in compliance as a Landlord.
  • We simply give you your time back!


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