What to Expect When You Rent with CBPR Property Management

Rent with confidence with CBPR Property Management. Not only does our one-stop shop offer a variety of options to suit your lifestyle, but we bridge the gap between you and your landlord ensuring any issue is resolved painlessly and quickly.

What criteria is used to qualify for a lease?
We look at several factors in qualifying a lease. We receive credit history, eviction history, rental history and income verification. We request support documents to verify information received.

I have bad credit or no credit. Can I still rent?
Unfortunately no credit is pretty much the same as bad credit when renting. There are other qualifications that can make up the difference.  We have possible solutions such as collect an additional deposit, include a co-signer, etc.

I’m going to have a roommate or my boyfriend will be staying there too. Do they need to be on the lease?
Any person living in the property over the age of 18 will need to be on the lease. This is not only to protect our homeowners, but to protect you as well.

What about an emergency?
We know things can happen at all hours of the day, including in the middle of the night. If you encounter an urgent repair emergency that needs immediate attention, we have a 24 hour hotline. Please call (702) 675-8311 if you need after hours help!

How long is it going to take to fix?
It will depend on a couple of factors, such as the nature of the repair and if there is a home warranty in place for the property. Most larger repairs will require multiple estimates from outside contractors and owner approval. On minor repairs, most items can be taken care of in just a few days. We pride ourselves on responding quickly to your repair needs and protecting the integrity of the property so you can have continual enjoyment of the home.

Will you allow my pets?
The decision to allow pets is 100% up to the homeowner and homeowner associations. We encourage our homeowners to allow pets. If you have a pet, let us know and we will work our best to get your pet approved.

How much will the security deposit be?
Security deposits can vary by property, but typically deposits are one month’s rent.  Under Nevada Law, security deposits are fully refundable at the termination of the lease as long as the tenant causes no damage to the unit, is not negligent in reporting needed maintenance resulting in damage, and has fulfilled the lease obligations.  Within 30 days of the end of the lease, you will receive an accounting for deductions (if any) of your security deposit. 

What about normal wear?
Under Nevada law, tenants are responsible for “damage” to the property, where the owner is responsible for costs associated with “normal wear.”

What happens if I have to break my lease and move early?
In most cases, the Landlord will agree to release you early from the lease once a new tenant is secured for the property. The Landlord may also request you pay a cancellation fee. 

The Military gave me my new orders?
We understand that you may get transferred. If you receive new orders, please submit them to us as soon as possible. We will work together to get you on to your next home!

How do I make my monthly rent payment? 
We've made it easy! Pay online through your online portal. You can pay by debit card, credit card or set-up automatic withdraws from your account. Don't have a checking or savings account? We accept hassle-free cash payments at any convenient 7-Eleven location. 

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